Picking Blackberries

Picking Blackerries Mixed media on canvas 32” x 33.5” $386   I used to ride horses and we would occasionally find a bush and stand there with our ponies and pick blackberries. Of course, you have to watch for snakes because they seemed to love blackberry bushes. But, so did we. Blackberries stained like crazy and my gloves were a light cream so these had to come off and not get lost. I was semi-successful lol. The main problem with the blackberries was getting a sour one. It would ruin the whole bunch basically. So you picked through them and tossed out suspicious ones or fed them to your pony. Not gonna lie, bagged frozen fruit from Costco is easier. Click below to purchase: Picking Blackberries

Chasing or Catching

Chasing or Catching? Mixed media on canvas 40” x 24” $346   This was a lot of play for me. It was faster than I usually work and the red spray wait was applied onto wet paint which I ended up loving. I was just experimenting and playing and ended up being something I really loved. Not all play lives to see the light lol.   Click below to purchase: Chasing or Catching


She’s a Kelly Mixed media on canvas 30” x 24.25” $262   The blue spray paint was a can I had left over from spraying some vintage rattan furniture. I love spray paint. Here, it looks out of focus, like "objects in foreground are about to punch you in the face".  But would a Kelly punch you? Nah. We had a Kelly in high school and she pretty and sweet so lets go with that.   Click below to purchase: She’s A Kelly
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