I feel like I am also part researcher. I am always hunting something down on the internet regarding a project or just a curiosity to find out more information. So I decided to try and start compiling some art related sites/articles/videos. I will add to the list below as I find new things that I think are helpful or just kind of fun to learn. Hopefully it’s interesting for artists and collectors. If you have suggestions please email me at sara@saraleamillerart.com. Thanks!  


- Art Juice - A must listen if you aren’t already. Two artists who discuss their evolving careers. They are so engaging and relatable. I never miss this one.

- The Artist Business Plan - They interview a different artist each week and talk about various issues from marketing to burn out.  

TED Talks:

- The Power of Vulnerability - I struggle with letting people in and being open so I found this interesting.

- What I Learned From 100 Days of Rejection - He flips the script on “no” in a funny way. The hamburger story was genius 😆.  


Other Articles:

- Collecting vs. Buying Art

- How to Hang Art

- Create Perfect Art Displays  


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