I have taken art history classes, traveled to Europe to see amazing art in college, collected art as an adult ranging from folk to Warhol and it still took me until I was over 50 to start painting. I can’t complain though, they were darn good years and I am all about always moving forward.


I have a home studio area where I paint and another room for storing paintings.  I knew I hated my dining room and I put off knocking out a wall for a reason. Voila, now it’s my painting storage area with an amazing Welsh hutch from my grandmother on one wall. Adaptability is key in life.


One of the reasons I started painting was I had finally decorated most of my house to that point where it was almost done but not quite. I had some art but not enough. I needed BIG art for a few walls. Nothing I saw locally was blowing my skirt up so I decided I would paint something for the spaces. I have always been a ‘project girl’. I must have a project to tinker with and a challenge. Over the years I have refinished more furniture than I can remember. I have built furniture, made several light fixtures, and even done concrete counters myself. I already owned a well-worn set of paint spattered clothes from repainting rooms in my home. So maybe it was just was a natural progression for me that I ended up making art.


I have found that creating art keeps me engaged and focused. There is ALWAYS a new challenge for me. I may get frustrated but I need that rub in my life.


I get lost in the details of brushstrokes or paint that has run down a canvas. It’s all beautiful to me, the drips and swirls. Doing something new or pushing myself is fun. What will happen when I pick up the brush? Even the ugly paintings move me forward which I LOVE! I think art is at its best when it lets the viewer use their own life experiences as a filter or lens. That's why so many will have different reactions and that's wonderful. All art isn't necessarily going to speak to everyone. Hopefully everyone will find something that blows their proverbial skirt up though.


I live on a lake and share my home with my two Italian Greyhounds. They nap in one end of the sunroom while I paint in the other. I am a happy and lucky woman. Take care.


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